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Qualifying Exams to Study Abroad

Over the last few years, the foreign education craze has increased significantly among the students. According to the research done on this subject, about 1.5 lakh Indian students fill out forms to study overseas, and about 25 thousand students are studying in the US alone. After the United States, a large number of students are going to study in countries like Britain, Australia, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand etc. But before getting a seat in a prestigious institute / university in foreign countries especially European countries you must clear some tests. TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and SAT scores are valid for admission in educational institutions of the United States of America. Admission in UK institutions requires GCE to be cleared. In countries such as Canada, Ireland and New Zealand, TOEFL or IELTS has to pass. If you are thinking of moving towards Australia, then the IELTS score is valid in all the educational institutions here. Here you will find the details of all the important examinations.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

As it is very important to have proper knowledge of English language for study in most of the universities where international students study, through IELTS exam

New Destination

According to a new study by Assocham, for Indian students now United States, Australia and United Kingdom are not at the top of choice for study abroad.

But the recent study of the Commerce and Industry Organization (Assocham)- “New Overseas Destination for Indian Students” has clearly shown that Germany, Canada, Singapore, Norway, Malaysia, Philippines and China are offering a tough challenge to these countries and emerging as favourite study destinations for Indians students. The report declares that many factors work for it, such as fees and living costs, global experiences, internship and placement opporteries etc.

While there has been a 15-20 percent increase in student visits in these countries, the number of those going to the United States and the UK is decreasing day by day. One reason is that due to the slowdown in the US, job opportunities have diminished, and hence the craze for Indian students is also decreasing. Here, the UK has tightened its visa laws. Now Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Canada, Norway, Philippines, China and Sweden are in the hit list of Indian students. By the time people used to go out for MBA, Engineering and few other courses, but now options have increased. A large number of students want to go

Start Planning Now

As a parent, you always want to give your child the best. If it is included in sending abroad for studies, then better start preparing for it as soon as possible. If your child is still small, you can add money to his studies comfortably. But if your child is going abroad in a year or two, then you need to take care of what things he needs. In this topic we will try to help you understand what to look for before you send your child abroad.

When to start planning

There are many things to be considered before going to study abroad. It may be better to plan ahead of every step. By planning early, every step will be better prepared. Generally children begin to think about this in the 11th or 12th class. After this they feel that it’s too late now. If your child tells you in his 9th class that he has to go abroad for better studies, you can be quite comfortable.

Scholarship Abroad

Every student has a dream of studying abroad. Everyone wants to get a degree from top foreign universities. But studies abroad are very expensive therefore it is not possible for everyone to opt for this. In such situation if a student gets scholarship, it could be a great help. Government of India as well as many companies help Indian students to complete their dream of study abroad and for them many kind of scholarships are provided. Here is a list of some of the well known scholarships for the Indian students who want to study outside India.

Tata Scholarship – Cornell University, New York

The Tata Group’s Foundation Tata Education and Development Trust provides scholarships to Indian students at Cornell University. Under this program, Tata Group offers undergraduate scholarship

Education Loan

Every student sees the dream of studying abroad. Due to the financial problems and shortage of money, now this dream will not be incomplete, for this the banks give an option of education loan to the eligible students. Given that the fees of foreign colleges are much higher than the domestic institutes, the banks give a considerably high amount of education loan to the prospective students. Learn more about education loan :-

College fees-

College fees are increasing every year for studies abroad. If you talk about the undergraduate engineering course, the fees are 5-10 lakhs. For masters like MBA etc it could

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