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About Australia

The bright sand, the blue ocean spreading far and wide, or the jungle walk among the bouncing kangaroos or the seven natural wonders of the world, are made in the world of colourful wild water of the Great Barrier Reef or by the sea. Seeing a show in the finest opera house … and if we say that there is no single thing about your dreams, but the whole dream can come true. Yes, not chunky! Australia is more beautiful than your dreams. Here you will find whatever you have never imagined. That is why they say ‘there is nothing like Australia’


Due to the large land masses of Australia, the climate varies widely across the country. The rest of the south-east and Tasmania have a moderate climate, while the northern one-third of the country is in the tropics. The weather is opposite to the northern hemisphere.


Australia is one of the most diverse in the world that is a very safe, friendly and multi-cultural society. Almost one-fourth of the population was born in another country. In addition to many immigrant cultures, more Australian culture is derived from its tribal heritage.
Australian society is generally very comfortable, many workplaces and restaurants have a dress code. Along with movies, literature, music, dance and theatre, Australian love both sports and art. Art museums and galleries are abundant in all major Australian cities.

Living cost

The cost of living is similar to that of the United States and the United Kingdom. International students should show the migration authorities that they have enough money to cover the cost of living during their stay, to cover tuition fees. Students can work part-time to earn money toward living expenses. As of 2012, the annual expenditure requirement was $ 2700 for a student and $ 6515 for the student with spouse or partner.

Visa requirements

To obtain a student visa, students must be enrolled in a full-time course that is registered with the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). Students enrolled in a short course of at least 3 months can study on a visitor’s visa. However, with a student visa, students must have access and part-time work for Australian health care. After receiving an offer letter or electronic confirmation of enrolment, students can apply for a student visa.

Health insurance

 Australia has a special health insurance program for international students called Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). Students should buy OSHC before arriving in Australia and a student visa of coverage should be maintained for the duration of the student’s stay. In OSHC medical or hospital care and partial prescription medication and ambulance are included.

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National Flag

Capital: Canberra
Official Language: English
Government: Federal Parliamentary Constituent Monarchy
Population: 23067149
Gross Domestic Product: $ 960,722,000,000
Currency: Australian Dollar (AUD)
Time zone: (UTC 8 to 10 .5)

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National Symbol

Why study in Australia?

Experiencing the specific ‘Aussie’ lifestyle, Australia gives students the opportunity to become a global citizen. It is a friendly, exciting and modern nation, which is proud of international students. In the population comprising of people from more than 130 countries, make Australia world’s one of the most multicultural countries.

In addition to being a great place to live, Australian Master Degree Programs are among the highest quality degrees in the world. Australian academic environment promotes innovation, creativity, and independent ideas. Institutions are committed to ensuring that there is a good experience for international students in Australia. International students acknowledge that institutions offer best marketing activities, curriculum distribution, facilities, and student services such as legal and health services.

Due to its structure and strict regulatory environment, the Australian education system is highly respected, which supports and safeguards the interests of international students. The results are guaranteed, there is a huge demand on the international stage of those who come out of quality education. With amazing views of Kangaroo, Koala and the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney Harbour, Australia offers students the adventure of living in a safe environment. 

Therefore, Investment in Oscillian education is your investment in the future.

Post-secondary education in Australia is divided into:

  1. Higher education institutions (i.e. university, graduate business school, religious college etc.)- About 45 major institutions (most public) and 85 other institutions are there for higher education.

University of Australia

Here you will be provided with academic skills with a better understanding of the area selected, which can be implemented in other areas as well. You will not only learn about autonomy, science, engineering or art but will also learn how to think in constructive and independent ways.

Australian Universities and Higher Education Institutions offer graduate degrees and programs to achieve higher merit in diverse areas. They offer programs ranging from Architectural to Animal Science.

A graduate degree is the most common degree offered in Australia. Specialized research training and professional development are also offered through postgraduate degree and doctoral degree.

  1. Vocational education and training ( VET) and Technical and Foregoing Education (TAFE) institutions

 A total of about 3,000 institutions are there in this scheme (1000 government

International students have following degree options in Australia

  1. Vocational Education and Training (VET) course

The VET field focuses on providing the skills and knowledge that students prepare for the job.

Most VET courses are part of national training (could be compared with skill development programs and PMKVY of our country), they are regularly updated with the consultation of relevant industry bodies.

The VET course covers the diverse range of subjects and from the employment sectors of traditional business to the creative industry, and they have the benefit of being efficiency-based, which means that when you achieve the desired level of skill, you will get your Eligibility skills for job/work.

VET Eligibility includes:

  • Certificate I-IV Courses have been designed for initial skill and training. They provide industry-specific knowledge, communication skills, participation, literacy and calculating skills and teamwork. They can last from a few weeks to six months.
  • Diploma course prepares students for industry, enterprise and professional careers.

Some diploma courses can be completed in the university, including the TAFE institutions.


Find the right University with IDEAL in Australia

IDEAL can help you find a suitable Australian University by sitting at home through our Search Tools and in-country IDEAL Authorized Consulting Agent. There are several factors to consider when choosing a suitable university. Our goal is to help you find suitable universities and other institutes that best match your academic background, academic goals and personal accomplishments. Australia has a diverse scope of different places, programs and post-secondary institutions with admission and admission standards. When making this decision, you have many options about what to study and where to study.

IDEAL will assist you in admission to the most appropriate college/university as per your requirement.

“If you are interested in Study in Australia, You are welcome to Ideal Career. Here we ensure your successful career and future in Australia. We focus on providing all assistance by making the admission easier and beneficial to admission seekers. 

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