National level entrance examination JEE Main will be held between 6-20 January and again between 6-20 April 2020 through online mode. On the basis of this exam conducted by CBSE every year, admission in undergraduate courses (BE / BTech) is given in IIT, NIT and technical institutions assisted by the Central and States. Know how to prepare for JEE in a perfect way.

The JEE Main Exam is conducted offline and online in two ways. If you want, you can take the examination through the paper-pen or through the computer. There is a question paper in this examination, in which 90 questions are asked from physics, chemistry, and maths. There are about 30-30 questions from all three subjects. All these questions are multi-choice type. There is also provision for negative marking in this examination. Generally in this examination intermediate’s entire course is covered, but some of these chapters are more important and most of the questions are asked of them.

 Emphasize Important Topics

Physics: Newton’s Law of Motion, Chemical Kinetics, Work-Energize, Conservation Law, Rotation Motion, Electronics, EMI, heat and thermodynamics, nuclear physics, radioactivity, and semiconductors.

Chemistry: Redox Reaction, Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics, GOC, P Block Elements

Maths: P & C, Probability, Quadratic Equations, Conic Section, Definition Integration, Differential Equations, Vector and 3D and Complex Numbers.

Practice Regularly

Regular practice of the mock test is of great importance in preparation for competitive examinations like JEE Main and JEE Advance. After completing the course, all the students who are going to appear in this examination must practice the sample set of questions and last year questions repeatedly, especially when only one or two months are left for the main exam. By doing so, students can improve their performance. All this can be done only by giving the maximum test. Try to resolve the questions within the prescribed period for the question paper.

Speed and Accuracy

Like other competitive examinations, special focus on speed and accuracy is needed, which is possible only through regular written practice. For this, you should daily practice problems in the prescribed time and environment. Find out your weaknesses and remove them. Repeat the process and repeat the process.

 Learn the selection of the right questions

It is true that it is not possible for any student to get 100% marks in competitive examinations, but more importantly, how well you performed with others in the examination because if the paper is difficult, then it will be difficult for everyone. So you have to understand that which question should be solved and which should be left while taking the exam. Your decision ability in this selection will be more important.