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Library Science Courses

Library Science Courses D Lib and B Lib are one of the best job providing courses now a days. Librarianship as a business provides various opportunities for employment. There are many possibilities of a career in library and information science today. Qualified people are given employment in various libraries and information centers. Trained professionals can find employment opportunities both as teachers and librarian.

In fact, it is possible to choose the nature of the library according to its interest and background. Librarianship may include designation Librarian, Documentation Officer, Assistant Librarian, Vice Librarian, Scientist (Library Science / Documentation), Library And Information Officer, Knowledge Manager / Officer Information Executive, Director / Information Service President, Information Officer & Information Analyst. There are jobs in

  • Schools, Colleges & Universities;
  • Central government libraries;
  • Training centers of banks;
  • National museums and archives;
  • Non-governmental organizations working in different sectors;
  • Research and development centers such as ICAR, CSIR, DRDO, ICSR, ICHH, IC;
  • Foreign embassies and high commissioning;
  • International centers like the World Health Organization, UNESCO, United Nations, World Bank etc;
  • Libraries of the ministries and other government departments;
  • At the national level documentation centers;
  • The library network;
  • The library of newspapers;
  • News Channels;
  • Radio station libraries;
  • The publishing companies preparing indexes, abstract references etc.
  •  Information provider organizations;
  • Various digital library projects such as the Digital Library of India;
  • Training academies;

Role of Librarian

The role of libraries in broad and specialized knowledge is widely accepted. In today’s context, libraries have to play two specific roles. First, to act as a local center of information and knowledge and as a center of national and world knowledge. Some matters under consideration of the National Commission are:

The institutional framework of libraries networking

Modernization and computerization of education, training and research libraries,

Maintenance of private and personal collections, and

Staff requirements to meet changing needs

This commission has recommended the setting up of a National Library Commission to strengthen the library network in India. The Culture Department has proposed to set up a National Library Mission (NML) as a Central Sector Scheme. NML under the Department of Culture, the libraries will be included and its functions will be as follows. Establishment of National Library Census, networking of libraries under the Department of Culture, modernization, knowledge centers and digital libraries. Recently, under the National Library Mission, there is a proposal to set up 7000 libraries with internet-enabled computers across the country.

It was recommended that initial recruitment at the level of Library and Information Assistant should be done directly. For this, qualification expectation will be graduate and BLIISc degree.

In this way the opportunities for librarianship are bright. A career in Library and Information Science (LIS) is multi-dimensional, bright and knowledgeable about prosperity and progress of society is enriched with the foundation.

Available Library Science Courses. D Lib & B Lib

Certificate in Library and Information Science (CLISC or C.Lib)

Eligibility: 10 + 2 in any discipline.

Diploma Courses in Library and Information Science (DLISC or D.Lib)

Eligibility: 10 + 2 in any discipline.

Bachelor in Library and Information Science (BLISC or B.Lib.)

Eligibility: Graduates in any subject at a recognized university.

Master in Library and Informatics (MLISC or M.Lib.)

Eligibility: BLESSC or B.Lib from a recognized university.

 M.Phil in Library and Information Science

Eligibility: MLIASC from a recognized university Or M.Lib.

Ph.D. Eligibility in Library and Information Science

Eligibility: M.LIS. from a recognized university.

In different courses, the names of the courses and the qualification marks may vary in different universities. Earlier this topic was called library science, but now due to the expansion of information, the library is being converted to information science.

Some universities have added the term to the name of the curriculum, but the library has not removed the word. In this way, some universities offer the following degrees – Bachelor of Library and Information Sciences (BLISC) and Library and Master of Information Sciences (MLISC), Library and M.Phil in Information Science and Ph.D. in Library and Information Science.

Some universities offer the following degrees: Bachelor in Library Science (B.Lib), Master in Library Science (M.Lib.),  M.Phil in Library Science and Ph.D. in Library.

Computers and Information Technology are being widely used in libraries and information centers to prepare, store, modify and disseminate information. The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi conducts a two-year program to provide Associateship (AIS) in Information Science and documentation in the Documentation Research and Training Center (DRTC), Indian Statistical Institute (Bangalore) also runs Associateship (ADES) in Information Science.

This award is also recognized in the equivalent form of MLSIc degree. Both of these courses have a good reputation in the employment market. Considering the increasing use of computer and information technology in libraries, many universities have started various courses in India, mainly by emphasizing information technology and computer.

If you want admission in Library Science Courses D Lib & B Lib

Fill up the form below if you want admission in Library & Information Science Courses.

Universities offering courses in Libraries and Information Sciences

About 80 university departments run LIS courses. This course is also available through remote study methodology (Distance Education Mode). Two Sanskrit University i.e., K.S. Darbhanga Sanskrit University (Bihar) and Sampurananda Sanskrit University (Varanasi) run library science scholarly (9 months) and library science scholar (one year) courses, respectively. Knowledge of Sanskrit language is a compulsory expectation. LIS is available in the following Universities / Institutions:

  • Algappa University, Karaikudi
  • Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
  • Allahabad University
  • Annamalai University Annalanagar
  • Avdesh Pratap Singh University, Rewa
  • Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow
  • Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

National Library of India

National Library of India is located in Calcutta. Its history began with the name of the Calcutta Public Library which was opened in 1835. In 1891, Lord Curzon founded the Imperial Library, which was merged in Calcutta Public Library in 1902. It was opened for public use on 30th January 1903, and it was registered for the National Library.

The Government of India created the Delivery of Book Act in 1954, under which every publisher made a pledge to send one copy of each book to the National Library and to the Konemara Public Library Madras and Asiatic Sessions Library Bombay. The National Library has more than twenty million books.

There are many benefits of becoming a librarian:

  • You work in a clean and quiet place.
  • You spend time in a very quiet environment.
  • You sit in the store of knowledge, you can do as much as you can in the subject of your own interest, that too for free.
  • A librarian always lives in the middle of the educated and new ideas, and the benefit of enlightenment takes up.
  • Good conferences can be hosted in the library.
  • In the library, you get an atmosphere of study, introspection, meditation, peace of mind.
  • You can keep updated every and every new information.

Salaries in library & information Sc. Jobs

In library and Information Science jobs, payments vary depending on the nature of organizations. Many colleges and universities have implemented waiver pay scales for library staff. Organizational units of Central Government’s major establishments such as Scientific and Industrial Research Council (CSIR), Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), give good salaries as per the post of staff. On the basis of evaluation of periodic intervals of performance, opportunities for advancement make this work attractive.

Good educational records and those who possess adequate skills in computer and information technology can make attractive careers in this business.

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