B. Ed is Now 4 Year Course

This could be your last chance for 2 year course.

B.Ed is now 4 year course

To improve the level of teacher’s education, now again, the preparations for the change in B.Ed have begun. The first change was done when the course was changed from one year to two years and now it is being prepared to do it from two years to four years.

Although it will be an integrated B.Ed, like LLB and MBA, which will include Graduation also. In such a situation, after the intermediate course, students will be able to enrol directly in it. The proposal has been sent to the MHRD on behalf of the National Council for Teachers Education (NCTE) and the HRD Ministry is now working towards the closer of two-year Bachelor in Education (B.E.) course and starting a four-year Integrated B.Ed Course. If this is agreed, then this year will be the last B.Ed program of two years in the state’s colleges. The discussion is going on that the two-year program will now be closed.

According to officials of the ministry, its purpose is that those people come in the Teaching Professional who is serious about it. A teacher should be a teacher by choice and not by chance.

According to an official in the ministry, the ministry has written to the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) that it should start working towards the Integrated B.Ed Course. It is expected that in the next academic session, students will be offered Integrated B.Ed Course after 12th standard. Then students will be able to take admission in courses like BA-BEd or BSc-BEd after the 12th standard. The new proposed course will be of four years duration. Under the present system, after three years of undergraduate degree there is an additional two years of study for B.Ed.  B Sc /B.Ed Integrated Four-Year Courses will be similar to B.Sc + B.Ed. After completing this course, students will be eligible for postgraduate degree in their respective subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics).

B.Ed shops will be closed

According to the ministry officials, this will stop the shops running in the name of B.Ed and the aspirants will get the degree of B.Ed from the university itself and he will not have to do the course after the completion of graduation.  The committee formed under the chairmanship of TSR Subramanyam to create a new education policy also recommended that the existing 2-year B.Ed course should be converted into four-year Integrated Course. However, the draft of that committee was not considered as a policy draft and it was considered part of the suggestions that came for the policy.

The Ministry has also decided to shut down all teachers programs through remote-learning to improve the quality of the teacher education program. However, the working teacher will have the option of B.Ed from remote-learning, in which he will have to complete this course in 3 years.

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List of Top B.Ed Colleges in Haryana

  1. Satyug Darshan Institute of Education & Research, Faridabad
  2. Vishwas College Of Education, Gurgaon
  3. CR College of Education, Rohtak
  4. Kirorimal College of Education, Sonipat
  5. Darsh college of education, Gohana
  6. Maharshi arvindo college of education, Hisar
  7. Geeta Arya College of Education, Julana

List of Top D.Ed Colleges in Haryana

1. Lord krishna College of Education, ambala
2. Akash college of Education, Bhiwani.
3. Arya Institute of Educational training, Bhiwani.
4. Akash college of Education Hissar.
5. Lord Shiva college of education, Hissar.
6. Varde Devi college of Education, Julana
7. Venkateswara College of Education

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