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Mathematics is a subject in which most people are not interested in, and runs away from its complex questions. Indeed, given the complexities of mathematics, people take less interest in teaching it. That is why today there is a great lack of good knowledge in the field of mathematics. In such a situation, if you take an interest in mathematics then you have a better career option. Today many courses related to mathematics are being run, which you can do only after passing the 12th grade. Mathematics is taught in many institutions of the country. Here you are given the opportunity to choose a BSc Degree or Integrated MSc Degree. After completing the course, you can work in the future in as a mathematician, actuarial, teacher, and statistician. It is very important to be qualified in mathematics to make a career related to science. In order to work on computer engineering and computer science, it is also mandatory to have a degree in mathematics.

Better Options in Mathematics

In today’s time, the Financial Services Company, Research Lab of Multinational Company and other companies are increasingly employing Indian mathematicians. For the trained students in mathematics, they are waiting for the job with a better salary package in these companies.

Waiting for Big Chances

Space Research (ISRO), Defense Research (DRDO), Aeronautical Research (NAL) are the places where most important government jobs are done. All the mathematicians here solve their major problems. Financial Mathematics is another area where you can get a good salary job.

Multinational companies are waiting

For skilled students in computer, there are good opportunities to make a career in the company’s research department like IBM and Microsoft. Here they can find an attractive salary. Apart from making a career in the Academy for a Mathematician, there is no shortage of opportunities in other fields as well.

Can also become a scientist

Companies like Google, IBM, Facebook, and Microsoft are known for the appointment of mathematician and computer scientist. In such a situation, you have a better chance of getting a job in these big companies.

Live in Demand

In the past, there is a lot of demand for skilled people in Mathematics as well as being Graduate in Independent Knowledge Process Outsourcing Companies and big IT companies. So you can get better job options in these companies too.

Courses available in Math

  • BA (3 years)
  • BA-Honors (3 years)
  • BSc (3 years)
  • B Math (3 years)
  • B Tech (4 years)
  • Integrated BSc-BEd (4 years)
  • Integrated MSc / MS (5 years)
  • MA / MSc (2 years)
  • M Math (2 years)
  • M Tech (2 years)
  • Integrated MSc-PhD
  • PhD

If you want a course in Mathematics

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Top institutes for study of Mathematics

Bachelor Degree

  • Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Bengaluru: From here you can get a B.Math degree. For admission to this institute, the first screening test has to be given.
  • Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI), Chennai: From CMI you can get a BSc Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. This institution enrolls after successful in written examination.

B Sc Degree in Math

  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur: To get admission here, first IIT JEE has to be given.
  • Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru: IIT JEE and AIEE are organized for admission to this institute.

Masters degree in Math

  • Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI), Chennai: Admission test is organized here in the last days of May.
  • Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), New Delhi: Admission Test is organized here also.
  • University of Hyderabad: Admission is done through written examination and interview.

M Sc-PhD can be done here

  • Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai
  • Institute of Mathematical Science (IMSC), Chennai
  • Harish Chandra Research Institute (HRI), Allahabad

Career in Mathematics

Some of the major careers associated with mathematics are –


Mathematician is such professionals who study the basic field of maths or do research work. In addition, these logic, transformations, numbers etc. determine the problems. Knowledge of Maths is very important in this field and students can achieve a good place in this field.

Mathematics professor

If you have a good understanding of the field of Mathematics then the field of teaching can be a better option. Mathematics professors always have good demand in good schools and colleges. There are several such institutes in which you can teach students mathematics topics.

Chartered Accountant

This is a profile in which Mathematics has a good grip. Chartered accountant i.e. the whole work of CA is linked to accounting, auditing, and taxation. Due to the rapid increase in the economy, there is a lot of scope in finance and account-linked areas, which is a good career option for students interested in mathematics.

Software Engineer

After software engineering, students get a great opportunity to start a career, but in this, the foundation of careers is started with the knowledge of mathematics. The work of software engineers is to design software and develop it. In this work, students have to use the principles of mathematics and their theories along with computer science. There is a very good option for expert students in this field and in the next 10 years, there will be many possibilities in this field which will prove helpful in the interest of the students.

Operation Research Analyst

Profile of Operation Research Analyst and its related work can be understood as a form of Applied Mathematics and Formal Science. It uses modern logical methods such as statistical analysis and mathematical optimization. Operation Research Analyst is the help of these modern methods that help the manager to make the right decisions and solve problems.


There is a lot of demand for Mathematics professionals in the banking sector. If there is a good gesture in mathematics then students can make their own future by trying for profiles of accountants, customer service, front desk, cash handling, account opening, current account, savings account, loan processing officer, sales executives, recovery officer, as in all these, it is important to have mathematical skills.

Computer System Analyst

Computer Systems Analysts help to complete the goals of any enterprise using IT tools. If you do not have any knowledge of mathematics then you can not go ahead and on the contrary, if you have a tendency towards mathematics then you can easily accomplish your work. Most system analysts do their work through computer and software, and mathematics is the first to understand it properly.


With the above-mentioned facts, it is absolutely clear that mathematics plays an important role in our lives and those who have a very good interest in mathematics have great opportunities for higher academic achievements. Mathematics is such a topic, which is used everywhere. The students’ trends have increased towards mathematics rather than earlier. Those students who want to pursue a career in this field must understand it well that it is very important to move forward with this interest in this area and in some time you will find yourself that no one can stop you from reaching the height of success.

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