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Scholarships for studies abroad


Every student has a dream of studying abroad. Everyone wants to get a degree from top foreign universities. But studies abroad are very expensive therefore it is not possible for everyone to opt for this. In such situation if a student gets scholarship, it could be a great help.   Government of India as well as many companies help Indian students to complete their dream of study abroad and for them many kind of scholarships are provided. Here is a list of some of the well known scholarships for the Indian students who want to study outside India.


  1. Tata Scholarship – Cornell University, New York


The Tata Group’s Foundation Tata Education and Development Trust provides scholarships to Indian students at Cornell University. Under this program, Tata Group offers undergraduate scholarship to 20 Indian students every year in Cornell. Apart from this, Tata also offers Lady Meharbai Tata Education Trust Scholarship separately for Indian Women Graduates to study abroad. Under the scholarship at the graduate and postgraduate level, the cost of living with tuition fees is given. If you want to study engineering or science from Cornell University, one of the world’s top universities, this scholarship can prove to be helpful for you. In this scholarship, all the costs of graduating or post-graduate with any subject of Science or Arts are available in this University. For this, first admission is made at Cornell University and after this; one can apply for college scholarship.


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  1. Manmohan Singh Scholarship


Full tuition fees are paid with living cost for students of Graduate, Post Graduate and Research level. This scholarship is for you, if you want to go to a college in England. Under this, scholarships are offered to more than 30 students for all courses except veterinary science and MBBS. After qualifying at Cambridge University under this scholarship, application can be made with the help of college and Indian Embassy.


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  1. Huawei Friendship Scholarship – China


Huawei Company of China offers Huawei Friendship Scholarships for Indian students in various Universities of China. Under this, the company pays full tuition fees and living expenses for further studies in undergraduate and graduate Indian students in China. These scholarships are given in Science and Technology courses, Social Science and Culture and Development Courses etc.



  1. BP and Rolls-Royce scholarship for Saint Johns college


Former Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh has been a student of St. John’s College, so the scholarship in his honor is named after him. Under the scholarship, full tuition fees, college fees, living expenses and travel expanses of students are born. Scholarship for Doctoral is given in the field of Science and Technology, Economics, Social Sciences, Aerospace Engineering, Marine Engineering and Energy Studies.


  1. The Oxford and Cambridge Society of India Scholarship


Cambridge University ranks number 2 in the world ranking, while Oxford is at number 5 in this list. Although Oxford is more famous for the study of social science and arts, but scholarships are given for the study of all subjects here. Only Indian students are given scholarships to do Graduate, PG courses and Ph.D. Rs 1 lakh / year is given in University of Cambridge at Graduate and Post Graduate Level


To apply Online admission forms can be filled after admission in Oxford or Cambridge. Age is below 30 years. Indian citizenship is essential with graduation from Indian University.


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  1. Gates Scholarships


There is no age limit in this scholarship. You can apply for this scholarship only when filling the form for PG at Cambridge University. These scholarships are given to talented students to complete the post graduation in any subject at Cambridge University of the United Kingdom. 11.5 lakh rupees as scholarship (per year) is given to about 10 students every year.


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  1. Rhodes Scholarship


Applications are invited only from 14 countries including India. A total of 83 students are given scholarships. In this scholarship successful students get a chance to post graduate from Oxford University of the UK to study. Indian citizenship and English language proficiency should be for scholarships.


Scholarship amount 13,000 pounds (i.e. approximately Rs. 11 lacs) per year is given to the students of age group of 18 to 28 years. After getting admission in Cornell University one can apply for college scholarship.


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  1. Trinity College, Dublin Scholarship


A special scholarship for Science students from the Government of Ireland, in which two successful students are given Rs 3.5 lakhs each. Apart from University College, Trinity College is also one of the best colleges in Ireland where Indian scholars are given scholarship according to the 12th performance for the study of science subjects. Rs. 75 thousand at Graduate level and Rs. 3.50 lakhs are given at postgraduate level.



For more information, you can visit the college website.



  1. University of Sheffield Scholarship

In the University of Sheffield Indian students receive scholarships at the graduate and postgraduate level, with both engineering and science streams available. Amount of scholarship given is 1.50 lakhs at Graduate level and 4.00 lakhs in Post Graduate lavel (per annum) Special scholarships are available for M.Sc studies, in which the Asian students are selected and successful applicants are given Rs 4.29 lakhs per year. More information on this is available on the University website.



  1. American University Scholarship

This scholarship is given to students seeking admission in the first year of this University’s Bachelors Program. In this a part of the tuition fees is given.