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Malaysia offers following degree options to the International Students

1. Certificate

Entry requirements: ‘O’ level or its equivalent with SPM / GCE 1 credit

Age range: 17 and above

Duration: 1-1.5 years

The certificate program is an option for students who do not know what they are focused on for their tertiary study, and therefore they choose small steps. The certificate program usually applies to students who have not performed satisfactory in their high school.

2. Foundation / Pre-University

Entry requirements: ‘O’ level or its equivalent with SPM / GCE 5 credits

Age range: 17 and above

Duration: 1 – 1.5 years

Foundation programs or pre-university programs prepare students for a degree course – they are mostly used to study further in other countries. The popular foundation program includes the Canadian Pre-University Program, the South Australian Matriculation Program, and the American Degree Program.

3. Diploma

Entry requirements: ‘O’ level or its equivalent with SPM / GCE 3 credits

Age range: 17 and above

Duration: 2 – 3 years

A diploma program is similar to the usual modules found in the degree program, except that   fewer modules are required for a diploma. This is for students who want to be focused on one area but do not want to spend more time and / or money. However, by adding some modules to most diploma programs, it can be upgraded into a degree program.

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Earn While Learn in Malaysia

One Year Diploma in Hospitality Management

Diploma in Hospitality Management in Malaysia is a Earn While Learn Program (1 Month study with 11 Month paid Internship). In this course students get a chance not only to get practical training but also exposure in the field of Hospitality to get firsthand experience. This course is economically sustainable; this means that every trainee we train will have an on-job training position ready him or her to be placed. Learn all aspects of Hotel Management including House Keeping / F&B Operations / Bar Operations / Kitchen Assistance etc.

4. Degree

Entry requirements: STPM / GCE A-Level or its equivalent with English proficiency

Age range: 19 and above

Duration: 3 – 5 years

This degree program can also be called UG degree or undergraduate degree. Most students want this minimum qualification in their academic life. Degree options are available in Malaysia in the form of Honors Degree (Hons), for which generally there is a high academic level requirement, rather than the only passing. Students from some universities require an additional year to take an honors degree. It takes three years for a degree program in Malaysia, Australia, and Britain, while in the US and Canada it takes four years to complete it.

5. Masters

Entry requirements: Bachelor degree with minimum of three yrs programs in the same area

Age group: No age bar

Duration: 1 – 3 years

Masters degree in Malaysia

An academic degree is given to those who have demonstrated greatness in any study or have reviewed a particular area at a higher level.

Most masters require some type of research, which includes the writing of thesis or dissertation. Some masters programs require completing a series of simple coursework, which also means that the student needs to participate in more classes.

6. Doctorate (Ph D)

Entry Requirements: In the same area, the lowest two-year’s highway degree

Age group: No age bar

Duration: 3 – 5 years

Doctorate is an academic degree or professional degree, which refers to those degrees of most countries, which make the holder eligible to teach in a particular area. In this, the student needs to focus on his study area and do extensive research and write a printable thesis in an academic journal.

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