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Hundreds of career options have been opened for students with changing times, but  even today, most students’ choice is career in engineering. with The rapid technology that is developing today, this field is attracting the youth as this field has good standing, good salary and work satisfaction. However, becoming an engineer is not as easy. You will have to work hard for this.

After 12th, it is important to choose the field of engineering that your science and maths are strong. The information of these two subjects is very important in any branch of engineering. Now you can also make a career in the new stream of engineering in search of something new in this field. In addition to traditional fields like civil, computer, electrical, electronic, new fields like Space Technology, Food Technology, Aerospace Engineering, Nuclear Physics, Nanotechnology and Telecom Technology are also open to you. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is considered the best for engineering studies in the country. For this, there is a Joint Intense Examination, which you have to work hard to clear. Apart from this, there are many private institutes where you can take admission in the desired engineering field.

What is B.E. and B.Tech?

B.E. means – Bachelor of Engineering, while B.Tech means – Bachelor of Technology.  Bachelor’s degree is known as B.E. in the areas of traditional engineering based on civil, mechanical, while the course based on technology (especially computer technology) is known as B.Tech. By the way, both of these are complementary and equivalent names of each other and both courses are of four years.

How to start a career in engineering?

For admission in B.E. or B.Tech course of engineering, it is mandatory to have 12th pass with physics, chemistry and maths. Students joining the XII examination can also join, but admission is finally finalized after passing the entrance.

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Entrance Examinations for Engineering

Many examinations are organized every year at the All India and State level for admission to engineering courses. Most important is JEE exam for the IIT JEE and other top engineering colleges to be taken in the prestigious IIT of the country.


Every student who has a dream of  career in engineering wants to get admission in Indian Institute of Technology ie IIT. For this admission test is taken which is IIT JEE.   students who have passed XII examination with Physics, chemistry and Maths can take the exam. Through this examination, students can take admission in IITs (Delhi, Kanpur, Roorkee, Mumbai, Guwahati, Kharagpur, Chennai etc.) Apart from this, the entry of Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad (now IIT status), Banaras Hindu University IT Center and Marine Engineering and Research Institute (Kolkata) also gets entry on the basis of this examination.

State Level Engineering Examinations

State-level engineering entrance examinations are organized by almost all the states of the country, on the basis of which admission is provided in the engineering colleges of that state. 85 seats of most state-level engineering colleges are reserved for the students of the respective state, whereas for the remaining 15 percent seats candidates from other states can apply. These include UPTUEE, BCECE-Bihar, Pet-Madhya Pradesh, Delhi-CEE, WBJEE for Bengal, CEET-Haryana, CET-Punjab, Pet-Rajasthan etc. are prominent. Notifications for all these entrance exams are issued between January to March and the entrance test takes place in April-May.

Other Engineering Entrance Exams

There are also some prestigious engineering colleges in the country, who have Deemed University status and who are autonomous. The Birla Institute of Technology (BITS) -Pilani, Birla Institute of Technology-Ranchi, Manipal Institute of Technology-Manipal, Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology-Gandhinagar, Veer Mata Jijabai Technology Institute (VJTI) ) -Mumbai etc.

Online examination is conducted by the Institute for admission in BITS, Pilani, which is known as BITS Admission Test. Access to Dhirubhai Ambani Institute and BITS, Ranchi on the basis of JEE. VJTI is given admission on the basis of marks obtained in XII. MIT Manipal conducts an independent examination for admission in the field. Although some seats here are also reserved for students who are ranked well in JEE. Vellore Institute of Technology conducts VITEEE. SRM University Chennai conducts SRMEEE etc.

If your JEE (Main) Rank is not Satisfactory

Students who get low scores in JEE can also get admission in major engineering colleges and universities. There are several well-known private colleges and universities recognized by the government in different states of the country, where students can get admission easily by joining the counselling process organized by the state government. Also, they can get seats in many big private universities by joining the university-level counselling process.

It is natural for the parents and the students (who are trying to get admission for the first time) that they do not have adequate and comparative information regarding the level of colleges and universities across the country. Many times in relation to counselling process also they have lack of information.

Top Branches of Engineering

1. Agriculture as a career in engineering

If you choose Agriculture Engineering as a career in engineering option, then you should have science subject ie physics, chemistry, and mathematics/biology in +2. Most of the Agriculture Institutes and University Agricultural Engineers organize Entrance Test for admission in BE / BTech programs. The duration of this course is four years.

Diploma course can also be done in Agriculture Engineering. The duration of this course is two to three years. Admission to some institutes is also done on the basis of the twelfth marks. After this, if you have to enter the M.E / M.Tech Programs of Agriculture Engineering, then you have to pass graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering .  For   Agricultural Engineers there is a    lot of demand today and, more jobs are being offered by private companies in this area.

Companies producing tractors, irrigation equipment companies, seed making companies and composting companies are offering jobs in the field of sales, management, marketing, and research. Job opportunities are available for qualified professionals in fields such as production, sales, management, and research. In addition, many companies employ students through placement. Government jobs are also there.

2. Aeronautical Engineering as career in engineering

Aeronautical engineering is a field in which both aeronautics and space science are studied. While working in this area full of challenges, you get an opportunity to develop aviation, space, and defense-related research and new technology. As an aeronautical engineer, you can get expertise in the areas, such as structural design, navigational guidance, and control system, instrumentation and communication or production method, military aircraft, passenger plane, helicopter, satellite, rocket etc.

To become an aeronautical engineer you must have BE / BTech (Aeronautical Engineering) or at least a Diploma in Aeronautics. Degree and Post Graduate Degree in Aeronautics by various colleges and IITs, while many Polytechnics offers Diploma Courses in Aviation.

Any student passing 12th or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects can get admission in BE / BTech. Some institutes in the country also offer Post Graduate (MTech) and Doctoral Program (Ph.D.) in Aviation. BE / BTech course of aeronautical engineering is of four years, while the duration of the diploma course is two to three years.

spacex 693229 1280 Career in Engineering

Today there is a tremendous demand for skilled aeronautical engineers in public and private airline companies, aircraft maker companies and its maintenance services companies. They can also get jobs in Defense Research and Development Institutions, National Aeronautical Laboratories, Aeronautical Development Establishments, Civil Aviation Department,  and Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

Engineers of this genre can work in the design, development and maintenance sectors of the aircraft, while professionals associated with them can also work on managerial and teaching positions in various institutions.

3. Automobile Engineering as career in Engineering

car 50kb Career in Engineering

Competition in the automobile sector has increased significantly now. Therefore designing a car is like a dream for engineers. There are plenty of features in this and have to take care of the customer’s choice.   Auto-design engineers work to develop new designs of cars or any other vehicle. If you want to auto design, then you can take  automobile as a career in engineering.

You can do B.Tech in Designing (Four years) course from IIT (Guwahati). National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad, offers four-year programs in industrial designing. Admission can be taken after IIT-JEE or JEE (Main) qualification after twelve (PCM) in all these courses (B.Tech. or  BE). One can get Master Degree (Two Years) in Industrial Designing from IIT Delhi. IIT Kanpur also offers two-year master’s degree courses in industrial designing.

4. Genetic Engineering as career in Engineering

Genetic Engineers develop good qualities in plants, animals, and humans with the help of jeans using genetic techniques. Due to genetic techniques, crops that are resistant to pests and diseases can be produced. Through this, such qualities are developed in trees and plants, with the help of which the immune capacity of fighting with diseases is developed. Such trees are known as GM, which means genetically modified food. 

Eligible genetic engineers can be considered as those, who have a graduate and postgraduate degrees in genetics and related fields, such as biotechnology, molecular biology, microbiology, and biochemistry. It is important to have 12th with Biology, Chemistry, and Math for entry in this course. At present, not many universities and institutes offer separate courses for genetic engineering but its studies are in the form of auxiliary subjects in biotechnology, microbiology, and biochemistry.  Many universities have B Tech in Biotechnology where admission is based on entrance exam only. Jawaharlal Nehru University organizes joint examination for 120 seats each year for admission in MSc in Genetic Engineering.

Job opportunities for the Genetic Engineer in India as well as abroad are increasing rapidly. For them, employment opportunities are mainly in medical and pharmaceutical companies, the agriculture sector, private and government research and development centers.

Teaching can also be tried as a career option. Apart from this, there are many other ways of employment for them. In the Biotech Laboratory, there are plenty of employment opportunities in the research, energy, and environment-related industry, Animal Husbandry, Dairy Farming, Medicine etc. There are also some institutes that hire a genetic engineer, such as National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi, Center for DNA Fingerprint and Diagnostic, Hyderabad, Biochemical Engineering Research and Process Development Center, Chandigarh, The Institute of Genomic and Integrative Biology, Delhi etc.

5. Civil Engineering

Usually, civil engineers work on public works projects. To become a civil engineer, it is necessary to have a background in Math and Physics.   The field of civil engineers is to plan and design any project, construction, and maintenance on the desired scale. For them, it is important not only to have high-level engineering knowledge but also to have administration skills.

Under them are site investigations, prospect studies, solutions for complexities and actual designing of structures. They have to work under the guidance of the authorities of the State Governments and their plan is approved by the concerned competent authority. 

civil engineering 50kb Career in Engineering

Civil engineers have huge potential for employment in government departments, private and public sector industries, research and educational institutions. Looking at the floods of real estate and construction works that have come in all the world, it seems that the employment prospects here will continue to grow day by day.

6. Chemical Engineering

The main job of a chemical engineer is to find solutions to the problems in the production of various chemicals and chemical products. Their scope spreads to other areas such as petroleum, refining, fertilizer technology, processing of food and agro products, synthetic food, petrochemicals, synthetic fibers, coal, mineral industry, and environmental engineering. Some chemical engineers gain specialization in certain areas, such as oxidation, polymerization, or pollution control.

Admission in graduation level engineering courses can be done Through the All India entrance examination for, IIT, BHU, Rurkee and some other major engineering colleges. There are different engineering colleges in different states, where admission through state-level entrance examination is also available. Admission to postgraduate courses can be found by passing the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GAT) and National Eligibility Test (Net-UGC).

CHEMISTRY LAB 50KB Career in Engineering

Professionals engaged in chemical engineering have the opportunity to work in dye, paints, varnishes, medicines, acids, petroleum, fertilizers, dairy products, and industries related to various food items. They can also work from textile or plastic industry to glass or rubber industry. If you want, you can work in an industry or firm engaged in production. You can also get employment in any research center.

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7. Mechanical Engineering as a career in Engineering

One of the oldest branches of engineering,  Mechanical engineering has now been associated with computation engineering, hence the production of this branch is completely based on computational. After joining automobile engineering, design engineering, thermal engineering, aeronautical engineering, naval engineering in all branches, there is no single branch left in which mechanical engineering is not contributing.

A decade back, mechanical engineering was considered to be just fine for boys, but now the number of students of Girls has also increased in this branch. One of the reasons for the growth of mechanical engineering is the number of jobs and package available in it. For Campus Placement, companies do placement from the third year itself. Good students get good salary too.

8. Mining as a career in Engineering

To make a career in Mining Engineering, you can get a  degree of B.Tech, BE or BSc. Entry can be found in this course through IIT-JEE. In mining engineering, information about the possibility of mineral substances is collected, collecting samples, extending and developing underground and open mines, refining minerals etc. are provided. Along with this, education is given about drilling, blasting, mine cost engineering, ore reserve analysis, operation analysis, mine ventilation, mine planning, mine safety, rock mechanics, computer application, industrial management. In today’s era when fuel consumption is increasing in the country, such information becomes necessary for the development of the mining industry.

 Mine is mainly of two types – underground and open-pit mines.  Generally, Gold and coal are extracted by the underground mines, while iron pitches, limestone, manganese etc are extracted by open-pit mining.

 There are better prospects of jobs in the Steel Authority of India Limited, Coal India Limited, IPCL, Navy Lignite Corporation, Uranium Corporation of India, IBP Limited. Apart from this, you can also find opportunities in the field of research and teaching. After doing this course, there are huge job opportunities in operation, engineering, sales, and management. In the posts of Manager, Mining Manager, Mine Ventilation Engineer, Operation Manager, Mining Investment Analyst, Petroleum Engineer, get a better-packaged job.

9. Computer Sc. as a career in Engineering

processor 58kb 1 Career in Engineering

Today computer engineering is the most demanded branch as a career in engineering and therefore regarded as number one branch. The demand for computer engineers has increased due to the increasing use of computers. Computer engineers work on designing and testing computer components and so on. Professionals who work with computer hardware and software are called computer engineers. They team up with their team to design and develop computers using mathematics and science.

Those who work with computer components are called computer hardware engineers and those who work with computer programs are called software engineers. To make a career in computer science, there should be a good grip in maths and science (physics, chemistry). Post-graduation i.e. ME / MTEC can be done after BE or B.Tech in this branch. Computer engineers have good prospects both at home and abroad. These designs develop and manufacture software. People associated with this field get jobs in software companies and IT companies.

10. Electrical Engineering

The increasing demand for electrical engineers has attracted the youth this branch as a career in engineering. In the field of electrical energy, they get jobs on attractive salaries. They have very important roles in audio and video communication systems. In addition, electrical engineers have a lot of demand in the distribution systems of electrical machinery, power plants, railways, civil aviation, telecommunication, and electrical energy.

To become an electrical engineer in the concerned institute, the students have to qualify for engineering examinations conducted at  JEE, private university exams or State level exams. In the entrance exam, it is necessary for the students to pass through the Science stream with good marks. In the science stream, the student should have Physics, Chemistry, and Math. At present, the demand for electrical engineers has increased tremendously. It has a great demand in industries related to manufacturing, refrigerators, televisions, computers, microwaves. Apart from this, the design and development of the Electrician Engineer of ATM Plants, Hydroelectric Power Plants, Thermal Power etc. have an important role.

11. Electronics Engineering

Electronics is an emerging field of engineering, with great potential for jobs and therefore is the field of choice as a career in engineering. An electronics engineer is connected to the electronic devices used in common life. Along with this, they are also required in important areas like petroleum, energy, chemical industry, steel, and agriculture.

After getting the degree in this field, job opportunities are open on high packages in Central Government, State Government, and Private Sector. Reputed companies such as Indian Telephone Industries, MTNL, National Physical Laboratory, Civil Aviation Department, Post and Telegraph Department etc provide jobs to Electronics Engineers. In order to provide careers in electronics engineering, various institutes offer to BE or BTech 4-year degree.

For admission in these courses Intermediate examination in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics should be passed with good marks. To enter the engineering course, it is mandatory to pass the JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) or any other engineering entrance exam with good rank. On the basis of rank obtained in these examinations, entry in prestigious institutes is available only. There is no shortage of opportunities for electronics engineers. High salaries are available in both government and non-government sectors. Good opportunities are available in BSNL, MTNL, Civil Aviation, Railways, BEL, CEL, Indian Air Force, Navy, Army, Atomic Energy Commission and Aeronautics.

12. Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum and related products have a major role in influencing the economy of any country. With the growing demand, new petroleum and gas reserves are now being given preference. This work is not so easy. Naturally, the need for trained professionals will be more in the coming time. Like any other engineering branch, students must pass 12th science (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) for admission in Petroleum Engineering.

For admission in different institutes, it is necessary to pass the examination like   JEE or the concerned institution’s admission test. To do M Tech in petroleum engineering, one Should be B.Tech. in chemical or petroleum engineering. As the need for petrol and gas is increasing, in the same proportion, demand for skilled petroleum engineers is also increasing for various tasks related to it.

Indian Oil, Oil India Limited, HPCL, ONGC, BP etc. are all institutions, where vacancies are there. Salary status is good in both private and government sectors. There are also opportunities abroad especially in Gulf countries, for talented people in this field, where earning are excellent.

oil 50kb Career in Engineering

Best Engineering Branches

 To solve the baffles almost all the engineering students come across while selecting an engineering branch here is some top upcoming branches. Opportunities and scope are there in almost every field of engineering, although the scope might keep changing as new trends, technologies and requirements emerge with each year. The IT sector today is a booming field as compared to other sectors and there is a huge demand of Computer Science Engineers and programmers because every business and organization is going digital. As a demand of the new era following branches of engineering are the most promising, secure and offer highest salary and compensation.

B.Tech in Cyber Security

What is Cyber Security

A set of techniques used to protect systems, network, and data from cyber-attacks is known as Cyber Security. The main aim of the Cyber Security experts is to ensure a system’s integrity and confidentiality of information. These professionals secure the systems from many kinds of cyber-attacks such as hijacking files, phishing, unpatched software, malware, hacking and identity theft etc.

A degree in Cyber Security makes you well versed with the processes and practices followed for protecting networks and misuse of data etc unauthorized persons or systems. In the course, they teach you how to detect vulnerabilities of a system, ward off attacks and manage emergency situations.

Need for Cyber Security

With new innovative techniques, cyber crimes are on the rise these days. For any organization, it is of utmost importance to secure its systems, network, and data. 

Organizations are not ready to and must not take risks as far as security of their data, information and system security is concerned because they know that data breaches and information leak have dissolved many businesses. That’s why the demand for Cyber Security professionals has increased tremendously and will increase in future also.

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