Internship in Dental Colleges

What is Internship

The internship is a process where you get a chance of practical knowledge of what you have studied during the theory classes i.e. practical experience of book knowledge. The freedom to work with open hands before starting the actual career, a chance to refine your skills.


BDS students can do internships in Dental Sc. after completing a degree in this, there is a one-year internship in the fifth year. This is an essential part of the course. MDS students can also do internships for specialization and deep knowledge. MDS has different types of specialization. It includes areas such as oral surgery, pedodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, endodontics, oral and maxillofacial pathology and prosthodontics.


The candidate does not need to apply himself anymore, because the Institute sends the students for internships. Therefore, there is no specific application. After completing a degree the internship period is of one-year duration. After the internship, the points are added for the final result. At many places stipend is also paid during the internship.

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What is learnt during Internship

During internships, it is taught how to fix disorganized and unsatisfactory teeth, to polish dirty teeth, to remove odor, as well as to diagnose other problems related to mouth, teeth, and gums. It is also taught to increase the beauty of teeth by cosmetic dental procedures. As well as how to remove the teeth, how the patient is handled, it gives you an opportunity to work as an Employee. While extracting teeth, when doing the filling, how small things should be given attention, is taught, because even a minor mistake can harm the patient.

Benefits of Internship

In this era of competition, an internship is just beginning. Only after completing this, you can get full-time job offers. Internships help in finding entry-level talents. This gives the candidates an opportunity to show their abilities. Companies take special care of interns to hire candidates. Many companies also offer placement to the candidates who participate in the internship. If the student learns new things during the internship, keeps in touch with the seniors and performs well in the work, then he has many opportunities to move forward. Intents should make contact with as many people as possible. This makes them easier to get a job.  If you are willing to do something for the company, then you surely will get the benefit. Interns should not be afraid of asking questions and if there is any problem during work, the team members help you out. Employers also like those candidates who take initiatives during internships and one thing is sure that if the candidate completes the assignments well then he can become a full-time employee in the same company. In a good company, students can quickly understand the specifics of the work during internships. Interns get an opportunity to learn things like hard work, professionalism, passion, and networking, besides working responsibly in the work environment during internships.

Where to do an internship

Presently there is a lot of demand for a dental surgeon in both the public and private sectors in the country, so you can do internship from any institution. Training can be done in private nursing homes, government hospitals, and medical colleges besides toothpaste gum care products making companies etc.

NOC required for internship now

It is mandatory to take NOC from Dental Council of India for a one-year internship after doing BDS. Instructions have been issued by the Council that no dental college should give recognition to any student for internships, which has no NOC certificate from DCI and from the institute from where he is doing BDS. If a student is an intern in a dental college, who does not have the NOC, then the management of the college will be responsible.

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