If your JEE (Main) Rank is not Satisfactory

If your JEE (Main) Rank is not Satisfactory

Students who get low scores in JEE can also get admission in major engineering colleges and universities. There are several well-known private colleges and universities recognized by the government in different states of the country, where students can get admission easily by joining the counselling process organized by the state government. Also, they can get seats in many big private universities by joining the university-level counselling process.

It is natural for the parents and the students (who are trying to get admission for the first time) that they do not have adequate and comparative information regarding the level of colleges and universities across the country. Many times in relation to counselling process also they have lack of information. 

What is required is that students should know that in which private colleges and universities of the country there is a high level of education, whether infrastructure-lab-library etc are adequate or not, what is the placement record, etc. To understand the level of college, the NRIF ranking by the Ministry of Education of the Government of India is important which is available on this website.

Role of Career Counsellors

Career counsellors can be helpful in knowing the level and other details of colleges and universities, provided that you get the right Career Counsellor with adequate experience and knowledge. Because career counsellors have been researching these topics throughout the years. Also, they have personally visited many colleges and universities of different states of the country. They have done the counselling process for hundreds of students. Therefore, their experience level in this area becomes very high, which can be very helpful for new students to choose the right career path.

But before relying on a career counsellor, you must inquire about the experience and work done by the counsellor in the past.  Their honesty and ethics are required to be examined during conversation.

In some famous private colleges also, enrolment is done through counselling process organized by the state government. it is necessary to complete all the procedures according to the time for every process. Experienced and sincere counsellors can be helpful for proper guidance in these tasks.

The Mantra

To avoid being victim of a fake consultant the mantra is – avoid admission based on donation. Pay all the fees of the college by paying a demand draft or check in the name of the college and get the college receipt for that fee. Also, pay the Counselling charges of the counsellor by cheque or DD and for this amount also demand a receipt or a confirmation by mail.

In many major colleges, fees for management quota seats are more than ordinary fees. Payment of this type of additional fee is also taken by the college as a demand draft. The probability of risk is in the cash payment, where no receipt is given by the college or the consultant. Parents and students should avoid this type of payment.

If a counsellor demands a donation for admission in government colleges, it is advisable to immediately get up from such a counsellor and stop receiving his further call. It is 100% sure to cheat because, for any admission in any state government college, the counselling process organized by that state government is the only way to get admission.

If you want B.Tech from Govt. College

 In case your JEE (Main) rank is not satisfactory and you want admission in Government Engineering College, please fill up the below form for a Free Career Counselling session.

Don't Get Disappointed

 It has been observed that when a student gets low marks in JEE, his parents get disappointed and then the student also gets frustrated. Such a family-social environment is not suitable for children.

Many times the news of attempts to commit suicide by students in such pressure has also come to our knowledge. It is never right to do this. Life is very big and important, and one failure of life doesn’t mean failure of life. Thousands of people have been seen reaching the summit of success by learning from the experience of failure. Read the life of the great Abraham Lincoln who failed repeatedly and at last become all time famous president of America. Who can deny that you could be the Prime minister or President one day?

Opportunities for those who have not appeared JEE (Main)

Career Counsellors point out that for 12th pass students who have not passed the JEE examination, there is no shortage of good opportunities for admission in engineering. Admission is also done on the basis of 12th-grade marks in good private colleges and universities of many states of the country. But it is very important to know what is the level of college and university. The advice of a good career counsellor is important here also.

After 12th, there are good career opportunities in many other courses like BBA, BCA, Law, Hotel Management, Agriculture, Forestry, Pharmacy, Lab Technology, Biotechnology etc. For this, selection of good colleges is important.

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