Admit card for Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main is now released on CBSE’s official website If you are going to take these exams this year, here are some tips on which you can get the best results in this examination.
1. Focusing on the goal is absolutely necessary if you have any. You must have a strong desire to achieve the goal. There should be nothing between the target and you which can distract you.
2. Positive attitude to success is very important. Believe in yourself, work hard, stay firm, and believe that success will be yours.
3. There is no substitute for hard work. Everyone should be fearlessly endeavouring. This is the basic success formula. Students should work hard day and night and never give up.
4. An examination cannot decide the win and defeat in your life. The efforts should continue. Mistakes happen, we learn from them. After realizing the mistake, steps can be taken to correct it.
5. Patience is very important for success. Many times, we don’t give our 100% effort in life and accept defeat if we fail. Failure should not be disappointing. Understand it’s a step towards success.
6. Understanding theorems and formulas are the keys to success to IIT JEE exams. Try to know all Why and How; and rest you will understand yourself.
7. If you want to score well in the exam, then you have to solve the numerical question. These questions should include the questions of physics, chemistry and maths. Set a deadline to solve questions to help in improving your proficiency in the Exam.
8. To solve the Numerical questions, the streamlined process should be adopted. Thus step-by-step solutions help greatly in solving logical questions.
9. Revision is very important during preparation. Even if you do have the entire concept clear, if you do not do the revision, all preparations can go in vain in the Examination Hall. There are two ways of revising – one, you can revise the formulas and concepts. But the best way to do this is to solve different types of problems. You will have to use new concepts and formulas and thus the formulas and concepts will be revised automatically.
10. Many students insist on only selected topics. I do not give this advice at all. You do not know at all that in the exam, which topic shall be given more importance and from which topic there shall be more questions. In such a situation, the focus should be on the whole syllabus.
11. Books of NCERT of 11th and 12th grade should be given proper importance. The NCERT books of JEE Main examination are the best. Analyst says that 70 percent of the questions come from NCERT books.
12. Pay attention to speed. Success in JEE depends largely on time management. If you are giving the test online, check the system you have got, make sure that there are no technical problems in the system and slow processing. In the offline exam, you also have to take full care of time. It would be good to keep the clock in such a place where you can easily see the time. But do not be afraid that your entire meditation will remain on the clock and you sit on the wrong side due to stress and anxiety over time. Also, practice today to increase your speed on the system.
13. Time management during preparation is also very important. Practice the project. There should not be a day, you have not practised. During this time you will feel your shortcomings.
14. Anyway, it is very important to solve the problems of the past years. This is what from where you can understand the pattern of paper.
15. In JEE Entrance, students are now given the choice of online or offline examinations. If you are not feeling comfortable with online way, don’t opt for it. Many students make a mistake by taking the pressure and getting the option of online. While the intelligence is in it, first you assess your ability, solve your doubts about both options, assess and then decide.
16. After completing every chapter, make a small article, it will be very useful just before the examination when you won’t have time to read full chapter.