Career in Mass Communucation: From Newspaper to Web Journalism

If you are a good writer or orator, thoughtful and want to make Career in the world of words, mass communication could be a good career for you.   Although mostly there are admission tests for admission in mass communication but many a institutes give direct admission. Whether it is through the test or direct admission, to be a successful student you should have some essential qualities like

  1. You should posses good and creative writing ability
  2. As mass media personnel, you should have an eye for details.
  3. Your general knowledge and knowledge of current affairs must be strong
  4. It is a field where you must have extremely good communication skills because here everything depends on how you talk and put things across.
  5. Above all you should be enjoying meeting and interacting with the people.


masscom Career in Mass Communucation: From Newspaper to Web Journalism

Mass communication is a subject which justifies its name. A means which teaches you to communicate with a large number of people at a time is mass communication. Years back it was regarded as a course which was restricted to the field of newspapers and TV reporting only but with the changing scenario now it has huge scope in many new fields. A student after completion of the course in the field of mass communication can make his career in internet news, mobile news or writing. It is not only journalism in magazines, newspapers or TV news channels but nowadays it covers from cinema to web. One can write script writing/story writing/screenplay writing go for blogging and web journalism and so on.


By and large career options in mass communication can be in cinema you can opt for story writing, screenplay writing, script writing, advertisement content writing, making of documentary, cinematography or editing and directing. In companies where the options are in the field of media handling in high profile parties, in complaint and grievance cell of companies, as a customer care officer or as a public relation officer. And in the vast field of internet you can go for web journalism, web portal news writing, internet news editing and many new fields.