Internet service can generate 10 million new jobs by 2022

The Internet service sector in the country can generate 10 million new jobs by 2022. At present, about two million people have got jobs in this area. This has been said in a recently released report.

According to a report released by the Internet and Mobile Association of India titled ‘Impact of Internet Services on economy in India’, roughly $ 33.8 billion is estimated to be worth $ 96.4 billion in 2022.

It has also been said in the report that the number of Internet users in the country is expected to increase from 48.1 million to 76.2 million by 2022. The main reason for this is internet connectivity cheaper. According to this, the number of Smartphone users in the country is expected to increase by 1.75 times to reach 52.6 million.

According to the Internet service technology and business side, it has been said that according to the Internet needs, changes in things will be helpful in meeting the aspirations and demands of the customers.

It said that the government could be worth $ 124 billion with favorable policies, better infrastructure for the expansion of internet connectivity, and other things including developed distribution networks.

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