Hindi in Singapore

In Singapore Hindi is widely used. Anyone here can choose Hindi as a subject for study. According to an estimate, five thousand people use Hindi in Singapore.

Here many awards are given in Hindi language. These awards are called the Hindi inspiration awards which are given in three age groups. In this, 8-12 years, 13-16 years and people over 16 years of age can participate in different categories. This year Samia Khan of Indian origin won the first prize by writing a story in Hindi. Mamta Mandal, the founder of Global Hindi Organization, who holds the Hindi inspiration award, says that the main objective of organizing this competition is to development, prosperity and growth of Hindi language and culture in Singapore.

Singapore Education Minister Neg Ang Hein says that the popularity of Hindi language has increased in Singapore. The people here have now started to understand the music of Bollywood as well. Many non-Hindi speakers here are also taking an interest in learning Hindi. After this, Heen said that he supports Hindi along with Tamil, Gujarati, Urdu language. 7 new centres of Hindi teaching have also been opened, so that all can take advantage of this facility near their home. Four new schools have been added in this program this year. With this, the number of schools in Hindi has increased to 53.