Most economical countries for study

After finishing school, usually many children dream to study abroad, but after watching the excessive cost of studies, they are forced to rethink. It is not easy for every parent to bear education expenses abroad, but today we will tell you about such countries where student can study without paying education fee or where the fee is very less.

There are many countries in the world where education is free for foreign students too. Also, with some conditions, there is the freedom to work for living and eating expenses. Today we are going to tell you about some such countries.


  1. 1. Norway:

Norway is one of those countries where you do not have to pay any tuition fees up to the university level. You can apply online at the University here, and admission is also easily available. Here people who are on the student visa do not have the freedom to work. Graduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs are completely free here. However there is a condition here that you should know the language of Norway.


  1. Taiwan

Taiwan is the cheapest country in Asia for affordable and world-class studies. Although the studies are not free here, the annual fee for the most expensive course of Taiwan University, occupying 68th rank in the world, is around 2 lakh rupees. Staying here is also very cheap and you have a burden of around Rs. 1.50 lakh annually on your pocket.


  1. Germany

The colleges and universities of Germany also do not take tuition fees from students of any country. However, you have to pay administration fee of about Rs 20,000/- per annum. Apply for online admission and get student visa easily based on confirmation letter. You will have to take health insurance to study in Germany.



  1. France

In terms of studies, France is also one of the cheapest countries in the world. For bachelors in Government University, the maximum annual fee is around 15 thousand and for the Masters is around 30 thousand. The best thing about France is ‘Right to Work’ which is equally applicable to international students. You can also do a job while studying here.


  1. Mexico

Mexico is considered as a Study Hub of Latin America. Here the university’s annual fee is around Rs. 3 lakhs. If you leave the capital city of Mexico to live then living cost is average.


  1. Finland

In Finland, any kind of tuition fees are not taken for university studies. There is also freedom to work 25 hours a week during the study. Here, tuition fees are taken from the European Union and students outside the European Economic Area, but if you learn the language here, then no fees will be charged from you.


  1. Argentina

Studies in South American country Argentina are not free but it is very less. The university fees are around three lakh rupees annually. Living cost is also average here and you will need around Rs 2 lakh for a year’s expenses. There is permission to part time jobs here with studies.


  1. Poland

Poland is also one of those countries where there is no tuition fee from students in the university is taken. If you know the Polish language, extra facilities are also given to you in the university. In the case of living cost, these countries are a little expensive. Students are allowed to work part time here too.


  1. Malaysia

Malaysia is not free for studies but it is very cheap. There is a maximum of Rs 2 lakh in public university. However, in the case of living cost, the country is very cheap. To stay here, you will have to spend about a 1.5 lacks rupees annually.


  1. South Africa

South Africa is also much cheaper for students. Here the average tuition fees in the university are around 2 lakh rupees annually. However, in the case of living cost these countries are a little expensive. You will have to spend 3 lakh rupees annually on living and eating. The University of South Africa also runs several types of scholarship programs that are very beneficial for international students.


  1. Austria

In Austria, the education of students of the European Union Economic Area is free and students from other countries are charged fees, but the good thing is that the fees are very less.


  1. Belgium

International students’ education is not free here, but fees are very less.