New destinations for study abroad

According to a new study by Assocham, for Indian students  now United States, Australia and United Kingdom are not at the top of choice for study abroad.

But the recent study of the Commerce and Industry Organization (Assocham)- “New Overseas Destination for Indian Students” has clearly shown that Germany, Canada, Singapore, Norway, Malaysia, Philippines and China are offering a tough challenge to these countries and emerging as favourite study destinations for Indians students. The report declares that many factors work for it, such as fees and living costs, global experiences, internship and placement opporteries etc.

While there has been a 15-20 percent increase in student visits in these countries, the number of those going to the United States and the UK is decreasing day by day. One reason is that due to the slowdown in the US, job opportunities have diminished, and hence the craze for Indian students is also decreasing. Here, the UK has tightened its visa laws. Now Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Canada, Norway, Philippines, China   and   Sweden are in the hit list of Indian students. By the time people used to go out for MBA, Engineering and few other courses, but now options have increased. A large number of students want to go out for many new courses including fashion, visual creation, retail management, digital art.

Why go abroad for study?

There are adequate resources for education in the country but we are still behind in many areas when compared to the developed countries. Perhaps this is the reason that in order to create better career students want to go abroad for higher education. Studies show that students like to refer to countries which are relatively cheap and where there is no shortage of part time jobs.

The craze for study abroad draws them, because by studying in quality universities, they are like to get better jobs and live a good lifestyle. We lack high quality institutions like IITs and IIMs. These new destinations have been successful in improving the level of education. That day is not far away, when students from these countries will choose their own countries for higher education instead of US and UK.


Low fees in Singapore

Only 7-8 years ago, few people viewed Singapore as a study center but For Indians; it is now becoming a “center of attraction”, for foreign Study. Now with the efforts of the Singapore government, there are many renowned Universities in the field of Science, Technology and Management. Due to Affordable fee structure, Easy Admission Process and Comfortable Life, Singapore is becoming Famous.

Germany is enticing

Why Germany is enticing Indian students so much? The answer is- tuition fees in Germany are very low. Also, many Indian students get scholarships. Apart from less tuition fees, your monthly expenses are also as low as 500 Euros (about 30 thousand rupees).

In addition to living and food, health insurance, study material and other expenses are also very less. Apart from this, international students get a work permit of 120 days, in which the students can earn their pocket money easily. After the new “Right to Residence Act”, students who are studying in the German University also get the opportunity to work without any restriction.


China for Medical

About 130 Indian students are studying MBBS from Chongqing Medical University in China. The most important reason for choosing China for studies is the affordable study and favourable environment, which is almost similar to India. The atmosphere here is completely Indian and a large number of Indian students are present here. The special thing is that there is a lot of focus on Practical and if you do MS Course here, you will get a lot of benefit. Countries such as China are offering higher education to Indian students with great job opportunities in lesser fees.


Sweden for Entrepreneurship

The number of Indian students going to Sweden is also quite high. Scholarship and a good learning environment are behind it. Here universities are also teaching tricks to become entrepreneurs with engineering, because their goal is to create good engineers and make future leaders. New and innovative ways of studying in Sweden are preferred.


Canada is not behind anyone

According to Canadian Embassy officials, the figure of Indian students is growing steadily because you can study in the Canadian higher education institutions in affordable fees. Admission of Indian students in Canada’s education institute has increased 15 percent, which is much higher than last year. Certainly Canada has become the preferred destination for Indian students.

According to Ascham’s Secretary General D.S. Rawat, we can stop the students going to Abroad by increasing higher quality institutions like IIT and IIM in India. The government’s reservation policy is another reason, which does not leave any chance for students of “General” category but to leave the country for higher education.

These figures are important to know-

85,000 students from India went abroad for studied in 2005, which increased to 2.9 lakh in 2013 and the figure is increasing   by about 20 percent every year. The total annual expenditure of students going abroad is from 15 to 20 billion dollars, which is enough to make 50 IITs and 30 IIMs in the country.