Start planning now for study abroad

As a parent, you always want to give your child the best. If it is included in sending abroad for studies, then better start preparing for it as soon as possible. If your child is still small, you can add money to his studies comfortably. But if your child is going abroad in a year or two, then you need to take care of what things he needs. In this topic we will try to help you understand what to look for before you send your child abroad.


When to start planning

There are many things to be considered before going to study abroad. It may be better to plan ahead of every step. By planning early, every step will be better prepared. Generally children begin to think about this in the 11th or 12th class. After this they feel that it’s too late now. If your child tells you in his 9th class that he has to go abroad for better studies, you can be quite comfortable.


Counselling session

Find a mentor. If someone is studying or staying in the country you want to go for study, then he can get you the information about the right situation. Counselling sessions with abroad education consultants will get you all the requisite information about Aptitude, course, college, application process, best options, visa related formalities, pre-departure workshop and final departure etc. Although it takes 8-10 months of all this, it helps a lot in the preparation of the child. Keep in mind that some counsellors try to draw a child towards a particular course, they also insist on a particular university because they are interested in it. Keep all the preparations before talking to them. Keep your question too and do not listen to the counsellors at all times. Your priority may be different. Choosing a course, which country is to be known and finally which university to be admitted, this decision can be beneficial for a child in a longer period.



Selection of course

Every year new courses are launched in the university. Please select the specialize course first, which your child wants to do. You can save time by selecting the course at the beginning.


Country selection

Once you have chosen a course, you should choose the country where you want to study. The rules for applying for any course in each country can be different. In some countries, the same application is sufficient for more than one college, whereas in many countries you have to apply in each college separately.

In the meanwhile, you have to deal with social and cultural challenges. For example, you chose a country for study and people of your family want you not to go there. Keep in mind that in every country you do not get a visa to work after the study.


Choose university

You can select it according to your budget and the university’s perfection. You can also see faculty and placement records there. Prepare a list of five-ten colleges and choose one of the colleges carefully.



You should not have a fund problem at the last moment when your child is ready to go abroad for studies. For this you must prepare break-ups and spend the right time while estimating expenses.