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Career after Nanotechnology Courses

Nanotechnology courses and Nanoscience will contribute to the twenty-first century’s greatest technological advances. If you want to do research work by getting new information in nanotechnology, then nanotechnology has very promising prospects for you these days.
The word ‘Nanotechnology’ is no longer a new or unfamiliar word to us. Nanotechnology is an applied science in modern science, in which research and work are done on particles smaller than 100 nanometers. For your information, one nanometer is actually equal to the 01 billionths (billion) share of a meter.

These days, the use of nanotechnology has brought revolutionary changes in all walks of life. If you want to do research work by getting new information in nanotechnology, then these days in nanotechnology, there are very promising prospects for career growth in many countries including India.

Nowadays the field of nanotechnology is very wide and this technology is being used in almost every field. At least one component is associated with nanotechnology in every research work in molecular biology, engineering science, material science, chemistry, physics, medicine, instrumentation, drug delivery systems, and device fabrication.

The field of nanotechnology is full of many challenges despite being quite curious. Research is the most focused on nanotechnology. Nowadays, there are very promising prospects for career growth in various fields related to nanotechnology in the country and the world. You can start your career in important fields such as stem cell development, nanotoxicology, nanomedicine, bio-informatics, and nano power generating sectors.

Similarly, students of our country have excellent opportunities in various fields of nanotechnology such as Space Research, Product Development, Genetics, Health Industry, Agriculture, Environment Industry, Private Research Institute, Biotechnology, Forensic Science.

Experts in nanotechnology get very lucrative job offers from the textile industry and pharmaceutical companies in India. Therefore, let us discuss the Nanotechnology Courses and Careers in Nanotechnology for Indian students and professionals in this article:

Eligibility Criteria for Nanotechnology Courses in India

All the students who have passed 12th with a good mark from a recognized educational board of India can take admission in Bachelor in Nanotechnology courses and the students pursuing Bachelor Degree in Science / Nanotechnology and Biotechnology can do post-graduation. To obtain research and doctoral degrees in nanotechnology courses, students must have a postgraduate degree in nanotechnology or an associated field.

Various Nanotechnology Courses in India

Interested and talented students in our country can do the following major nanotechnology courses:


BSC – Nanotechnology
B.Tech – Biotechnology / Biomedical


MSc – Nanotechnology / Nanoscience & Technology
MTech – Nanotechnology / Material Science / Nanomaterials

Doctoral courses

Ph.D. – Nanotechnology
Ph.D. – Nanoscience & Technology

Top Institutes for Nanotechnology

You can do various nanotechnology courses from these top educational institutes in India

  • IIT, Delhi
  • IIT, Kanpur
  • Physics Department, IISc, Bangalore
  • School of Nano Science and Technology, NIT, Calicut
  • Amity Institute of Nano-Technology, Amity University, Noida
  • Punjab University, Chandigarh
  • Amrita Centers for Nano Science, Kerala

Career / Job profiles available for nanotechnology professionals in India

The following specialized careers/job profiles are available for nanotechnologists in India:

  • Job profile after Nanotechnology courses
  • Researcher / Research Scientist
  • Lecturer / Professional
  • Engineer – Applications / Optical / Product Marketing / Research & Development
  • Scientist / Food Scientist / Medical Scientist
  • Technical program manager
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Top Recruiting Sectors and Industries of Nanotechnology Professionals in India

Nanotechnology professionals in our country can apply for suitable jobs in the following sectors, industries, and companies:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical sector
  • Research Laboratories
  • Food Sector – Product
  • Biotechnology
  • Electronics
  • Manufacturing Units / Industries
  • Biotechnology
  • Environmental sector
  • Forensics
  • Auto & Aerospace Industries

Salary after Nanotechnology courses

The salary package of nanotechnology professionals in India
In our country, these professionals get a salary package of at least Rs 3-4 lakh per annum at the beginning of their career, which increases every year along with increasing work experience and these professionals in a few years 01 -1.5 lakhs monthly.

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