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How to Make a Career in Data Analysis

Do you know How to Make a Career in Data Analysis? Today’s data analyst is very much in demand, and now you can make your career in this field.

Friends, first of all, we should know that who is a Data Analyst? What work they do? After that only we will talk about How to Make a Career in Data Analysis?

Have you ever thought that how search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing present your desired information in the blink of an eye? How does Amazon / Flipkart provide you with so many options about the desired item? How do food delivery apps show you the list of restaurants near you? This is amazing data. A data analyst or data scientist plays an important role in these.

These analysts perform a deep analysis of the vast repository of data and provide instant information that is desired by the company or its clients.

What does a Data Analyst do?

Data analysts use data from various sources of business to bring more business to the company and increase its revenue.

Data analysts use this data to provide data to various departments of the company, to reduce production costs, to keep the price of a company’s service or product right, to understand the business patterns of other companies.

Eligibility: How to Make a Career in Data Analysis?

Data science is an advanced field of information technology and management. Only after post-graduation, you will get a good diploma and certification institutes in this field.

For admission in this course, graduation in work in Economics, Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics, etc. subjects with 60 percent marks are necessary. Problem-solving skills should be within you to do better in this field.

Career Options in Data Analysis

Today, every good company needs a data analyst. According to the Big Data Salary Report, there are currently 23, 000 jobs related to this sector in Delhi and 12, 000 jobs in Mumbai.

As a data analyst you can work in these positions- Information Architect, Business Analyst, Data Engineer, Product Manager, Digital Marketing Manager & Data Scientist.

Salary / Income in Career in Data Analysis

After getting a post-graduation diploma or certificate in data analytics, you can get a salary of up to Rs 10 lakh per annum in the initial stages. Depending on the experience, degree, and goodwill in the field, your salary can be Rs 25 lakh or more.

How to make a career in data analysis

Now, let’s talk about how this area is for you. Should you become a data analyst or not? If you are interested in statistics and have a good grasp of subjects like Maths, Physics, Science, etc., you can choose this caree

It requires a lot of patience, the ability to work in one place for hours, and a good understanding of computer science. Being a good programmer and constantly upgrading your programming skills is the need of this field.

Here you have to constantly get entangled in installation, fundamentals of code, OS issues. To be successful in this field, you have to be an expert in logical thinking and develop an attitude of looking at the data according to your business.

Conclusion: How to Make a Career in Data Analysis

So, friends, this is the important information related to creating Data Analysis Career and How to Make a Career in Data Analysis. I hope you liked this article and now you have also come to know very well How to Make a Career in Data Analysis.

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