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Career in BBA Course

BBA Course (Bachelor of Business Administration) is a bachelor’s degree course in the corporate sector . The required qualification for admission to this course is a 12th pass from any stream.
Nowadays this course is conducted in many institutions but as
BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is an important course in the corporate world, you should do this course from a good and reputed institute. So that you can be successful in this field.
The duration of this course is 3 years. Which consists of 6 semesters. Talking about its fees, the fee structure of each college is different. Currently, BBA Course ki Fees are between 30 thousand to 5 lakhs.
In today’s time, BBA specialization courses are available with many subjects. Do BBA Course in the same branch in which field you want to make your career. You can join any of the following BBA courses.

• BBA in Finance
• BBA in Hotel Management
• BBA in Tourism
• BBA in Human Resource
• BBA in International Business
• BBA in computer applications
• BBA in Media Management
• BBA in information system
• BBA in Hospitality
• BBA in Global Business
• BBA in Advertising
• BBA in Marketing
• BBA in Celebrity Management
• BBA in Aviation
• BBA in banking
• BBA in IT
• BBA in Management
• BBA in Hospital Management
• BBA in Retail
• BBA In Supply Chain
• BBA in Brand Management
• BBA in Event Management
• BBA in accounting

Career Scope after BBA

Currently, a very good carer can be made after the BBA course because there are many job opportunities in the present time for the youth who pass BBA. In today’s time, every company wants to reach the top in the corporate sector.

For this, these companies need qualified and qualified employees and BBA professionals have the skills, capability, and aptitude to meet such needs of these companies. In such a situation, there are good job opportunities for BBA graduates in these companies.
BBA degree holders can start a career in various companies at the executive or trainee level and after a few years of experience, you can reach the leadership position in that company.

Job opportunity after BBA Course

If you have done BBA , in which company will you get a job, it depends on which branch you have done your BBA. Suppose if you have done BBA from advertisement, then you will get a job as a Trainee or Manager in an advertising agency or company.
Similarly, if you do BBA Course in Media Management, then you get a job in the field of TV News Channel, Newspaper and Film & TV Production.
Although you can get a job in another sector, you will not get a good job in another sector. So whatever branch you have obtained a BBA degree from, try to get a job in the same sector.

Required skills for BBA Course

Since the BBA course is an important course in the management sector. Therefore, to make a career in this field, you need to have management and corporate skills and qualifications, only then you will be successful in this field.
To make a career in this field, your communication skill must be strong. Along with this, a good grip on English is necessary. Apart from this, it is very important to have all other managerial skills like creativity, problem-solving skills, analyzing issues, planning any project, managing resources, leadership skills, time management, etc.

Salary after BBA

In this field, you get a salary between 15 to 20 thousand as a fresher at the entry-level. As you get experienced. Your salary is also increased. You can also do MBA Course after BBA Course. So that you get a master of that sector. Through this, you can easily reach the leadership position in any company, you also get a lot of high paying salary.

Career planning after BBA

Today, many professional youths are unemployed on one hand, and on the other hand, there is a lack of good professors in companies.

This is because you have done the course, but the skills required for the job in that sector. You did not develop them inside yourself. When you do not have the skill to do any work, then how will you get the job. Getting a degree will do nothing.
Therefore, plan your goals while doing the BBA Course. Whichever branch you are doing BBA from. What is the work culture like? Which skills will be required for this, then pay attention to all these things and make yourself eligible for that job.
First of all, make your communication skill strong. If you want, you can also join a class on personality development for this.

Along with this, how the interview is faced, what questions can be asked in the interview. Prepare yourself for this. Simultaneously prepare a good resume. In which your skills and qualification, job position should be mentioned.
The most important thing is that when you do an internship after the course or during the course, do the internship with a little honesty and hard work. Focus more on learning rather than talking here and there.

Because this is the place where you get a real knowledge of this field. Here you do the work yourself under the supervision of a mentor. If you perform well during your internship, then you have opportunities to get a job there.

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