NEET 2020: Entrance exam is on 13 September, 5 things to be taken care of

The government has made it clear that there will be no change in the NEET exam date. The NEET examination for admission to medical courses will be held on September 13 between 2 pm and 5 pm. The guidelines issued in the wake of Kovid-19 for conducting this entrance examination will be followed. Students have to arrive at the examination centers 1hr before the time so that all the procedures can be completed before sitting in the examination hall.

The exam will be conducted following the rules of social distancing. All the rules and guidelines will be given on the admit card of the students. Admit cards will also be released soon for the exam. Let us know that only through NEET examination, admission to various medical courses is available in government and private colleges. This entrance examination is conducted by the National Testing Agency. This year around 16 lakh students have applied for this exam.

Guidelines have already been issued for the examination, in which it is said that students will have to take the exam by wearing face masks and globs in their hands. Candidates must bring their own water bottle which should be transparent. Apart from this, students will also have to bring their own hand sanitizer. At the same time, the Supreme Court, while hearing a petition filed for the establishment of examination centers in the Gulf countries, has refused to pass instructions in this regard to the Central Government. However, the students’ opposition to the NEET exam is still going on and many political parties have also questioned the government about it. More than 4 thousand students also went on a day hunger strike to cancel this exam.

How to manage your time with self-care

This is fine, for good marks, you need to work hard. But do not forget yourself in the race for studies. Here are some tips to study, which will help you to get good marks in the exam as well as take full care of your health…

1. It is important to have good sleep: If you are compromising your sleep the most for exam preparation, then be assured that the results of the exam will not improve. Because a recent study has revealed that lack of sleep weakens the memory and also affects the ability to think and understand.

 2. Distribute study time: Do not read continuously. It would be better to divide the time of your studies. For example, after studying for two hours, take a break of half an hour. Don’t forget to refresh your mind before reading in the evening. Play, talk to friends, etc. This will relax your mind and you will be able to study better.

3. Ask questions: If any question comes to mind while studying, clear it immediately. Do not leave it to ask later.

 4. Take Your Test: The more times you take your test before the exam, the better the results of the exam will be. From the test, you will get an idea of how much preparation has been done, how much is left.

5. Do not eat junk food before the exam: To make the brain work well, keep your diet healthy. By the way, it should be avoided to eat more spicy and market food, but before the exam, you should completely avoid these. Your health will also be fine with this.

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