Career in Hospital Management

With the changing word of management, many new sectors have been introduced in management and hospital management is one of them. To offer the best of health services, hospitals take special care of the management f hospitals and therefore Hospital management is a fast growing field. Nowadays almost all the hospital has a separate management department.

The work of hospital manager is to run the day to day activity of the hospital and to use the physical and economical means in the best possible and effective way. Development of the   staff of the hospital and work for their welfare to increase the productivity of the hospital is also one of the important works of the hospital manager. Gone are the days when the senior doctors were looking after the job of management of the hospital management. Today’s changing scenario of management has increased the demand of professional and expert hospital management managers. To excel in this field the manager should have skill and ability of in-depth analysis of economic and informative information and to use it for the betterment of the management of the hospital so as to increase the quality of the service of the hospital.

Student seeking admission in BHM must have at least 50% marks in +2 level examinations with a subject combination of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. After earning a degree in hospital management one can opt for a Masters in Hospital Management or can go for an MBA. Some institutes also offer short term courses like 6 month Certificate or 1 year Diploma course. Admission in bachelor of hospital management (BHM) is mainly based on the basis of your marks in +2, Group discussion and interview. In the interview knowledge of English language, speaking ability, knowledge of computer and management knowledge is mainly focused. Some of the famous institutes in hospital management are

  1. Armed forces medical colleges, Pune
  2. Institute of health management, New Delhi
  3. Tata institute of social sciences, Mumbai
  4. Institute of health management and research, Bangalore
  5. Himalayan university, Arunachal Pradesh
  6. All India institute of medical sciences, New Delhi
  7. India society of health administration, Bangalore

As the field of hospital and healthcare is growing by leap and bounce, career opportunity in this field is endless not only in India but worldwide. Although most of the jobs are in hospitals only but other fields like health agency, laboratories and other services linked with health also offers jobs. Both private and government hospitals offer jobs. A fresher after completion of the course and join any hospital as an assistant manager. After experience and development of required skills a senior manager can go up to the post of a CEO. Salary of a hospital manager depends on the seniority, experience of the individual and the organisational setup of the institute he is working with. In India a junior or assistant manager can earn something between Rs. 15000/- to Rs. 25000/- per month whereas a senior manager may have a salary of about Rs. 60000/- to Rs. 80000/- per month. Demand of hospital managers in European and south east countries is high and thus salary is also high in comparison to India.

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